The Last of Us: Remastered in Photo Mode 4/

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weh weh


*discovers a giant floating orb in the woods*


*snapchats it*


HOW DEEP IS THE OCEAN; // a rapture mix for the false shepherd & the lamb
❝ how far would i travel to be where  you are? how far is the journey from here to a star?;; 

i. solitude, duke ellington & louis armstrong / ii. you always hurt the one you love, the mills brothers / iii. i won’t dance, ella fitzgerald & louis armstrong / iv. them there eyes, peggy lee / v. you’re getting to be a habit with me, doris day / vi. i hadn’t anyone till you, jeri southern / vii. the song is you, frank sinatra / viii. la vie en rose, edith piaf / ix. what can i say after i say i’m sorry, nat king cole / x. you belong to me, courtnee draper / xi. how deep is the ocean, frank sinatra

l i s t e n }

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sorry but what the everloving fuck is supposed to be the point of a party nominally for lgbt+ students when you invite like a third of the fucking school