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Let’s begin.

  1. MOST HORRIFIC EVP EVER RECORDEDIn January 2007, the Central New York Ghost Hunters investigated an old hotel in upstate New York. According to them it was the most active ghost hunt. After they investigated the tape they discovered some startling material: the voices of men and women not present as well as a women being attack. There’s a lot more information, just click on the link and listen. 
  2. AUDITORY HALLUCINATIONS: It was designed to provide the listener with some understanding of what it might be like to experience auditory hallucinations. Content in this presentation is based on things clients told a mental health outreach worker. 
  3. JONESTOWN DEATH TAPE: An audio recording made on November 18, 1978, at the Peoples Temple compound in Jonestown, Guyana immediately preceding and during the mass suicide and murder of over 900 members of the cult.
  4. THE INTERROGATION CHAMBER 3D AUDIOA 3D audio is one in which it feels like it’s happening RIGHT in front of you. This is an audio recording that contains violent material of a rough interrogation. 
  5. THE ORIGINAL NIGHT STALKER: The Original Night Stalker is the name given to an unidentified serial killer and rapist who murdered at least ten people in Southern California from 1979 through 1986. This is a recording on one of the victim’s answering machine.
  6. SOUNDS OF SPACE: Space maybe mostly empty but boy it creates some horrific sounds. 
  7. MOCK ACTIVATION OF A NUCLEAR ATTACK: So this is what the end of the world sounds like
  8. THE BLOOP: A mysterious sound from the bottom of the deep ocean. Some say it was gigantic sea creature but scientists speculate it was a large iceberg scraping the ocean floor.
  9. OPERATION WANDERING SOUL:  Also known as “Ghost Tape Number 10” was an audio mix the US military used for psychological operations in the Vietnam War against the North Vietnamese. It played deeply on the Vietnamese belief of ancestor worship, spirits and the afterlife.
  10. RED FOX SOUNDSWhat did the fox say? Something I don’t want to hear in the middle of the night. 

BONUS: This has been going around tumblr, but if you haven’t already, listen to the Spongebob Squarepants theme song slowed down by over 800%

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Britney Spears - 3 (James Remdon Remix)

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Mass Effect Color MemeRed

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I put all those nice colors together in a photoshop .aco file [from this post]

I thought someone might find it useful


how to swatch

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Girls need to stop wearing crop tops or I might have to resort to action by tickling them and blowing on their tummies bc they’re so darn cute


who sings the good female vocalist cover of ‘get lucky’ bc daughter’s is lackluster and about a man