lyriamartin-deactivated20140715 asked: monosexualism plays a huge part of oppression. plenty of lgbtq+ are quite biphobic, and the community isn't always safe to bisexual/pan folks, sadly, since being monosexual does play a huge role when talking about privilege in general. your arguments are quite good (:



uh i’m glad that my arguments are good but like

but can we not throw gay/lesbian folks under the bus??

like. i get what you’re saying, and i know that there are plenty of gay/lesbian folks who are biphobic but….

i can’t even articulate why the concept of monosexual privilege bothers me so much so if someone else wants to chime in i’m kind of getting burnt out. 

p. sure @desidere has said before that “monosexual” lumps together gay men, lesbian women, and heterosexual men and women (and genderqueer/nonbinary people of a monosexual alignment) into one group that elides very important difference between those groups (like, gay men have male privilege which colors their interactions wtih bi people, which is not the case with lesbians, etc.). There are crucial differences between the groups that “monosexual” umbrellas over and it is gross to gloss over those differences to defend oneself against accusations of straight-passing privilege from other members of the lgbt community who don’t have that privilege.


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SPOTLIGHT: Palestinian Artists Turn Smoke Into Thought-Provoking Illustrations

Using the photos of smoke created by the devastating Israeli missile strikes, Palestinian artists Tawfik Gebreel, Bushra Shanan, and Belal Khaled, have sketched powerful images based on the silhouette of the smoke. 

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